Squarehead Soccer (discontinued)

An arcade soccer puzzle game!

Enjoy the most innovative free kick soccer game and become the world’s greatest player.
Compete with thousands of players around the globe and fight your way up to the top!

⚽️ Realistic 2D physics game
⚽️ 65 challenging, fun and crazy levels
⚽️ 27 different jerseys
⚽️ 7 different balls
⚽️ Online world high score table
⚽️ Perfect one hand control gameplay
⚽️ Fireballsssssss

The goal is simple: Kick the ball and shoot goals! The more, the better!

Beat all levels and try to shoot consecutive goals to achieve a high score.
Consecutive goals give you multipliers that will increase your score even faster!

Show the world how great you are and compete with players all over the world to become the world’s greatest Squarehead Soccer player!

“If it moves, kick it. If it doesn’t move, kick it until it does.”
With every single goal, more fans will join and watch your game as you become the ultimate top scorer!

And don’t forget: use the fireball if you are having a hard time beating a level.

Have fun, enjoy and kick it like crazy!